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Established in 1950, the Greek National Tourism Organization has ever since had the leading part in coordinating and implementing state policies on the tourism sector. It is supervised by the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism in fulfilling the enviable task of promoting a country as beautiful as diverse as Greece.

Greece is a highly developed tourist country. Deciding to rest in this country, we can choose from 27 tourist regions! Mountain and sea landscapes, azure sea, sun, and olives attract a lot of tourists every year. In addition, everyone can find something for themselves, because there are both low-budget accommodation options and exclusive hotels with Aquaparks and lots of animations.

The coastline of this country is long and rich in various types of beaches - sandy, rocky, pebble, golden, white, and even pink. An interesting fact is that the Cretan beach of Elafonisi is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. Another element that attracts tourists is the numerous islands that offer a variety of attractions. Among the Greek islands, we will find not only those that offer attractions for families with children, party lovers, or people who value peace but also islands with almost untouched nature, which will be a paradise for nature lovers. In addition to beautiful views, Greece attracts attention with its monuments and culture. There are as many as seventeen objects inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in the country. Both the culinary and cultural spheres arouse great interest among tourists. T

he Greeks are famous for being a singing and dancing nation. Music and dance accompany them both on holidays and every day, which has its origins in antiquity when grand parties were organized in honor of the gods. The result is numerous festivals and festive events that attract especially those interested in learning more about Greek culture.

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