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The 30th edition of the Polish National Touring and Tourism Book Review has started


The National Book Review of Sightseeing and Tourism is a cyclical event promoting sightseeing and tourist literature, and above all, popularizing knowledge about the richness and cultural and historical heritage of our country. We are happy to announce that this year's jubilee edition of the review was held under the patronage of the MTP Group.

The competition for a sightseeing and tourist book will be conducted in six categories. The jury will evaluate the content and editorial level of the submitted publications, published in the country in the years 2021–2022. The aim of the competition is to select the most valuable publications for the tourist industry on the book market and to popularize publications promoting tourism and sightseeing in Poland.

The Polish National Touring and Tourist Book Review is held for the thirtieth time. The first two editions took place in Białystok, the first in 1987 on the initiative of PTTK activists, and from the third edition, the Review took place in Wielkopolska and was co-organized by the Self-government of the Wielkopolska Province. The thirtieth jubilee edition of the Review is a return to the roots of this excellent event. The organizer of the 30th Polish National Tourist and Sightseeing Book Review is the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society, on behalf of which the Sightseeing Committee of the Main Board of PTTK, the Central Library of PTTK in Warsaw, the Regional Branch of PTTK in Białystok and the Wielkopolska Club of Touring Journalists operate. The direct producer of the Review was the Regional Branch of PTTK in Białystok, and the final gala of the competition is planned at the University of Białystok, where the publications submitted for the competition will be presented.

Books should be sent to the address of the Regional Branch of PTTK in Białystok by September 10, 2022. The submitted publications will be promoted on the website and on the FB fanpage of the Review. The official announcement of the results of the Review is planned for the beginning of November 2022. Additionally, the organizers plan to introduce online voting for the most interesting publication submitted to the 30th Review. Details and the application form are available on the website:


We cordially invite you to take part in this year's 30th edition of the competition.