We invite you to the International Travel & Tourism Fair in Warsaw 21-23 November 2024 ❗❗❗  

Logos Travel at ITTF Wasaw


Logos Travel Marek Śliwka, a travel agency that has been organizing international trips to the most exotic corners of our beautiful globe, has joined the group of exhibitors at the ITTF International Tourism Fair in Warsaw.

Logos Travel is a key player in the market of professional tour operators. It is worth to emphasize that their greatest achievement is becoming the leader of distant, interesting, exotic and non-standard trips. Their offer contains destinations like Vietnam, Uganda, Canada, Mexico, Amazonia, and even a trip around the world.

The travel agency has received numerous distinctions and awards, including the title of Tour Operator of the Year in the Exotic Travels category and the prestigious Globus 2000 award. The global reach of their activities has ensured them the acquisition of a wide range of clients and the achievement of a leading position in rankings and ratings among Polish tour operators.

An interesting option in Logos Travel's offer is a program for runners, where marathons are merged with sightseeing. It is an ideal option for those who want to combine their love of running with traveling. The tour operator offers three programs: "Marathons for 7 continents", "Crown of World Marathons" and "Crown of Extreme World Marathons". Groups of runners organized by Logos Travel can be found e.g. in Australia, Brazil, and Antarctica.

Logos Travel office is the perfect choice for those looking for unforgettable travel experiences. Each of the routes and places on offer has been personally checked by Marek Śliwka, the founder of the company, or his associates.


Website: https://wyprawy.pl/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LogosTravel

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/logos.travel/