We invite you to the International Travel & Tourism Fair in Warsaw 21-23 November 2024 ❗❗❗  

Exhibitor at ITTF Warsaw - P. P. "Porty Lotnicze"


Warsaw-Radom Airport is a regional window to the world, built mainly for the inhabitants of Mazowieckie, Świętokrzyskie and Lubelskie voivodships. An extensive network of flights, including charter flights, offered by airlines and travel agencies will provide a wide selection of Mediterranean and Western European cities.

In the general access zone, there is a separate space for a unique multimedia entertainment and education center with interactive installations and technologies that will reveal the secrets of flying and space travel.
Warsaw-Radom Airport is a response to the needs of the charter market, tourist traffic and point-to-point connections, including low-cost carriers. It will be able to handle 3 million passengers a year, and after expansion - up to 6 million.