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Exhibitor at ITTF Warsaw - Montenegro


Located on the Balkan Peninsula, this is a country that has long been a melting pot of cultures, civilizations, and religions. From the Montenegrin hills to the beauty of the Adriatic Coast; nature reserves and five national parks; caves and canyons to 117 beaches along a coastline over 180 miles long, all embraced by the caring faces of locals and traditional hospitality.

10 reasons why Montenegro should be on your travel radar for 2023

1. National Parks

Montenegro has five national parks to offer travellers looking for fresh mountain air and wide open spaces. Covering approximately 8 percent of the country, Durmitor is the jewel in the crown, closely followed by Lovcen, Lake Skadar, Biogradska Gora, and Prokletije.

2. UNESCO Status

Home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites; three cultural and one natural, Montenegro is a heaven for those that appreciate history and heritage. Sites include Kotor, Durmitor National Park, the Stećci Medieval Graveyards, and Venetian World of Defence in Stato de Mar.

3. Nature abound

Between the mountains, lakes, and rivers of Montenegro, there are plenty of memorable places to visit, stay, and be surrounded by nature. Marked hiking and biking trails crisscross all over the country and rewarding stops at Tara Canyon for white water rafting and sightseeing in Durmitor National Park are a must.

4. Picturesque Beaches

Montenegro is home to over 117 beaches along a coastline over 180 miles long. From the sparkling waters in Budva to beaches only accessible by boat, the country holds hidden treasures in coastal corners and spectacular sandy stretches.

5. Wild Adventures

With five national parks, canyons, lakes, and rivers, outdoor adventure in Montenegro is around every corner. Not-to-be-missed experiences include rafting across the Tara Canyon, biking in Durmitor National Park, kayaking around the Bay of Kotor, or the unique tourist attraction Nevidio Canyoning.

6. Scenic road trips

There is no more spectacular introduction to Montenegro than the drive around the breathtakingly beautiful Bay of Kotor. Its fjord-like proportions get more dramatic the further your journey into the inner parts of the bay on a road wedged between brooding mountains and inky waters that remain a constant backdrop along the Adriatic Coast Road.

7. City Hotspots

Montenegro’s capital is Podgorica which holds charm in its own right and the old royal capital is Cetinje filled with palaces and museums. The coastal towns are where the beauty and buzz lie. Historic streetscapes and the magnificence of its setting - wedged between the mountains and the bay - its ancient core is encircled by mighty stone walls and one of the most visually magnificent cities in Europe.

8. Variety of accommodation

Montenegro offers different types of accommodations from wooden cottages, and private rooms, to well-known upscale luxury hotel brands

9. Eclectic gastronomy influences

Famed for its cheese, honey, and pršut (prosciutto), Njeguši is a must-visit on a culinary tour. On the coast, visitors will find fresh seafood liberally doused in olive oil, lemon, flatleaf parsley, and garlic and Venetian influences lingers in pasta, risotto, and gnocchi dishes. Around Lake Skadar, squid and octopus are swapped for freshwater fish such as eel, carp, and bleak and in the mountains, visitors will enjoy slow-cooked ispod sača meat roasted on a hearth under a dome-shaped metal lid covered with charcoal.

10. Historic Tourism

The Romans took over from the native Illyrians in the 2nd century BC, and the legacy of their long rule can still be seen throughout the country today – most notably in the form of a wonderfully well-preserved set of floor mosaics uncovered in Risan on the Bay of Kotor. There are further mosaics in an unassuming site at the beach resort of Petrovac na Moru. Montenegro’s buzziest beach town, Budva, was once a Greek colony and is one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic.

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